2018 STRI Report

2018 Members Handbook – Download

Starting on 12th May there is an opportunity for ladies who like golf to learn how  play here at Ashburnham Golf Course. However, there is a social pre lesson meet up on Friday 11th May at 6.45 pm and if you would like to take part contact Damion Gee on 01554 832269.

Improve your Green Reading with AimPoint Express will be held here at Ashburnham Golf Club at 4 pm until 6 pm on 1st June 2018.


If you’re a junior and like golf why don’t you come on down to the Ashburnham Golf Club for 6 lesson starting on Saturday 12th May until 23rd June 2018. 

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2018 family_fun_word_english – Download



On the 18th May 2018 here at the Ashburnham Golf Club, We are holding a themed evening which is going to be Italian. The Italian themed evening will have a five course meal. We welcome members and non members are welcome.








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