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Ashburnham Golf Club realises that social media and networking websites have become a regular part of everyday life and that many people enjoy membership of such sites. However, we are also aware that these sites can become negative and care must be taken not to breach our confidentiality Policy or offend members, visitors, or suppliers, when using these services.

For the purposes of this Policy, social media is any type of interactive online media that allows parties to communicate instantly with each other or to share data in a public forum. This includes online social forums such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social media also covers blogs, and video-and-image-sharing websites such as YouTube and Flickr.

Members should be aware that there are many more examples of social media than can be listed here and this is a constantly changing area. Members should follow these guidelines in relation to any social media that they use.

The absence of, or lack of, explicit reference to a specific website or service does not limit the extent of the application of this Policy. Where no Policy or guidelines exist, members must use their judgment as to what is and what is not appropriate use or comment on such sites. Members should consult with the Club Committee if they are uncertain.

Title: Social Media Policy (Members)

Revision: 1

Date: 26th February 2018

Social Networking and Video Sharing Websites

When logging on to and using social networking and video sharing websites and blogs at any time, members must not:
• conduct themselves in a way that is detrimental to the Club or brings the Club into disrepute
• allow their interaction on these websites or blogs to damage relationships between employees and fellow members of the Club
• make any derogatory, offensive, discriminatory or defamatory comments about the Club, its employees, contractors, suppliers, customers or fellow members
• make any comments about the Club’s employees that could constitute unlawful discrimination, harassment or bullying contrary to the Equality Act 2010.
• disclose any trade secrets or confidential or sensitive information belonging to the Club, its employees, contractors, suppliers, customers or members or any information which could be used by one or more of the Club’s competitors, for example information about the Club’s work, its products and services, technical developments and staff morale
• breach copyright or any other proprietary interest belonging to the Club including the Club Logo.
Members who are discovered contravening these rules, may face disciplinary action under the Club’s disciplinary procedure.

Download Social Media Policy

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